Military Mausers

Persian 98/29     German Kar98k     Serbian M48

The Mauser bolt action developed in the 1880s is the most replicated rifle design and only the Kalishnikov (AK-47, AKM, and AK-74) has higher production numbers.  Some 20 to 30 million military Mausers have been produced in dozens of countries and used by the armies of over 100 countries.  The design is smooth, accurate, and able to safely handle loads more powerful than the standard military calibers.  Finally, the rifle is also a robust design able to take the abuse of years of combat use.

Perhaps the greatest testament to its quality of design is the U.S. Springfield 1903 rifle, the last U.S. Military bolt action rifle.  When the U.S. found its Krags outgunned by Spanish Mausers in the Spanish American War of 1898, they decided to ditch the Krag and adopt a modified Mauser design.   

The Mauser was the primary rifle of the German Army in both WWI and WWII and it even saw use in many post WWII engagements, like Israel's fight for Independence (using ex German WWII rifles) and the Yugoslavian Civil Wars.  Mauser rifles have even been encountered on the battlefield in Iraq.

There are several hundred variations of the Military Mauser alone with a huge variety of barrel lengths, calibers, and other configurations.  A collection of major variants for one country alone could easily have a dozen rifles.


Three Military Mausers, Top - Pre WWII Persian 98/29, Middle -  WWII German 98k, Bottom - Post WWII Serbian M48.

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